Common adjectives start with letter 'o'

obedient obese objectionable objective obligate obligatory obliging oblique oblivious oblong obnoxious obscene obscure observable observant obsessive obsolete obstinate obstructive obtrusive obtuse obvious occasional occupational oceangoing oceanic ocular odd oddball odious odorless off offbeat offensive offhand official officious offline offshore offside offstage oily old olden olfactory olive ominous omnibus omnipotent omnipresent oncoming onerous ongoing online only onshore onside onstage onward opaque open opening operable operational operative opiate opinionated opportune opportunist opposed opposing opposite oppressive optic optical optimal optimistic optimum optional opulent oral orange orbital orchestral orderly ordinal ordinary organic organized orient original ornamental ornate ornery orphan orthodox orthogonal orthotic ostensible ostentatious other otherwise otherworldly outboard outbound outcast outdated outdoor outer outermost outgoing outlandish outlying outmoded outrageous outright outside outsize outspoken outstanding outward oval ovarian overage overall overbearing overblown overbought overcast overdone overdue overgrown overhead overjoyed overland overlong overnight overpowering overriding overseas overshot overt overweening overweight overwhelming overwrought overzealous ovoid owing oyster

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