Common adjectives start with letter 'g'

gaga galactic galling galore galvanic game gargantuan garish gaseous gastric gastrointestinal gaudy gaunt gauzy gawky gay gelatinous genealogical general generalist generative generic generous genetic genial genital genteel gentle genuine geodesic geographical geometric geosynchronous geothermal geriatric germane ghastly ghostly ghoulish giant gibbous giddy gifted gigantic gilded gilt ginger gingerly giveaway given glacial glad glamorous glancing glaring glassy gleeful glib glittering global globular gloomy glorious glossy glowing glum gnarled goggle going golden gone good goodly gooey goofy gorgeous gory gossamer graceful gracious gradual graduate grainy grammatical grand grandiose granular graphic graphical grasping grassy grateful grating gratis gratuitous grave gray greasy great greater greatest greedy green gregarious grievous grim grimy grinding gripping grisly gritty grizzled grizzly groggy groovy gross grotesque ground groundless grubby grudging grueling gruesome gruff grumpy guarded gubernatorial guilty gullible gushing gushy gusty gutsy guttural gypsy

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