Common adjectives start with letter 'l'

labored laborious labyrinthine lacking lackluster laden laggard lakefront lame laminate landed landlocked lanky lapsed large lascivious last lasting late latent lateral latest latter laudable laughable laureate lavish lawful lawless lazy leaden leading leafy leaky lean learned least leather leathery leery left leftist leftmost leftover leftward legacy legal legend legendary leggy legible legion legislative legit legitimate leisurely lengthy lenient lesbian less lesser lethal lethargic level lewd liable liberal liberated licensed lifeless lifelike lifelong light lightning lightweight likable like likely liminal limited limitless limp linear linguistic linking liquid listed literal literary literate lithe litigious little littoral livable live lively livery livid living loaded loading loath local locomotive lofty logical logistic lone lonely long longing longus loose looser lopsided lossy lost loud lousy lovable lovely lovesick loving lowdown lower lowest lowly loyal lubricant lucid lucky lucrative ludicrous lukewarm lumbar lumbering luminous lumpy lunar lunatic lurid luscious lush lusty luxurious luxury lying lyric lyrical

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