[Example Sentences]:
1. We are going to ramp up the organic engineering in our company.
2. It hopes brands use the studio to create organic experiences that target and engage with customers.
3. Post and colleagues made the meat from the muscle cells of two organic cows.
4. Sinclair said customers should begin to think of Walmart as a destination for organic foods.
5. If we are going to drive this organic engine, and innovate, and bring new products to market.
6. This steadily lowers the levels of organic matter in the soil, making it difficult to grow crops.
7. Whatever system was chosen had to be scalable to manage both organic and geographic growth.
8. The fake listings draw organic traffic away from legitimate businesses.
9. The organic compounds that once made up the embryos have long since mineralized.
10. There was stronger than anticipated organic growth in terms of ongoing net inflows, he said.
11. Today we have organic bodies, hence at any one time, we can be only in one place.
12. The darkness comes from a dearth of ice at the surface and an abundance of organic molecules.

[Antonyms]circumstantial, provisional, contingent

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