[Example Sentences]:
1. The afternoon warmth followed an overnight low of 47.
2. People call it an overnight success, says CEO Evan Spiegel, who is 22.
3. The men said they were held overnight on charges that were ultimately dismissed.
4. Police confirmed in the overnight press conference that five children were killed in the crash.
5. I saw it on the TV, so I packed an overnight bag.
6. Police arrested six people in the overnight clashes and warned of more arrests.
7. On Saturday, officials said that only one more structure was destroyed overnight by the blaze.
8. We have also now processed a large number of overnight transactions, which had been delayed.
9. He also canceled at the last minute the overnight stay planned for media.
10. They were jailed overnight and put on trial, but they were acquitted.
11. The Navy said more divers and equipment arrived overnight Thursday to help with the search.
12. There was a reported meeting between the rival militias overnight to calm recent tensions.
13. The area can also display alerts that come in overnight, including text messages and email.
14. He had once left his small electronics repair shop unlocked overnight, and no one took a thing.
15. The bodies of the victims were removed from the scene overnight in a fleet of private ambulances.
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