[Example Sentences]:
1. In the orange circles were ones correctly identified ahead of time as being in the top 10.
2. The information pulled from the black boxes which are actually orange will likely be crucial.
3. The orange button is in fact the only button on the watch.
4. So if you press the orange button the phone would dial out for help.
5. Go all in on orange, and you just might win.
6. However, lying by his feet was a phone in an orange case.
7. Tap a clip to select it, which lets you trim it again with the orange slider.
8. If you want an orange or pink moon, the evening atmosphere can give you that.
9. On the hill behind her was the orange roof of her own intact home.
10. The men were last seen in their jail clothing, consisting of an orange top over gray bottoms.
11. The video shows two hostages in orange jumpsuits.
12. That allowed it to introduce an orange for beverages made from paprika.
13. That would likely mean an incredible orange sky with no blue, so it looks like a perpetual sunset.
14. The interface is minimalist, with plenty of white space and soft gray and orange accents.
15. The orange man behind the Muslim ban. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home