[Example Sentences]:
1. These optional features will vary based on the version of Windows 10.
2. An optional card reader also can be installed on this side of the machine.
3. The invisible technology bit is an optional way to use the device.
4. Neither laptop is available with a touch screen but both are available with optional optical drives.
5. The company plans to make money by selling optional premium services.
6. Chef has also released a number of other optional packages for its commercial users.
7. The tablet is also available with two optional keyboards.
8. Every model has a ten speed motor and is compatible with the optional attachments.
9. It sends video clips with optional audio to your smartphone.
10. There are optional high speed data passes, available at reasonable prices.
11. Consider spending less on each individual or opting out of a few optional gift exchanges.
12. It has made new features, such as location sharing, optional and has not turned them on by default.
13. An optional fingerprint reader will also be available.
14. It features a holder for the optional tablet pen.
15. Innovation is optional, depending on specific opportunities to secure profits.

[Antonyms]automatic, belonging, incumbent, necessary
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