[Example Sentences]:
1. Though evidence of the hot spot surfaced in 2003, a satellite image made it obvious in 2014.
2. We wanted it to be easy and obvious but also wanted it to work well.
3. Some of the things we do are obvious like compression.
4. All of this would be very obvious to the driver.
5. It should be pretty obvious how to create your own aliases.
6. She arrived at a company that had obvious problems and solutions.
7. There are obvious benefits for voice control in the right place and time.
8. The obvious question this raises is what to do about your mobile devices.
9. I think the consensus is that it has the best technology, but no obvious business model.
10. Having all these features inside a single control interface has obvious advantages.
11. The obvious question is how this applies to you and your organization.
12. Those are just a couple of the most obvious tweaks that made the operating system better overall.
13. Most of the attention will focus on a handful of obvious changes to the Edge user interface.
14. We keep these discussions private for obvious reasons, and we do not comment on speculation.
15. The obvious choice is giving your phone to a family member or friend.

[Antonyms]remote, obscure, farfetched

[Synonyms]apparent, transparent
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