[Example Sentences]:
1. We will have this deployed and operational by fall of 2018.
2. The register is expected to be operational by May 17.
3. It could only be operational by 2024.
4. Officials say the canal will be fully operational by 2019.
5. ABS wants the system to be operational from 2018.
6. The bureau expects to fully operational in 2015.
7. The official said that the plan was to have the system operational as soon as possible.
8. That model is now operational and running on the new systems.
9. The control center is expected to be fully operational by next week.
10. There was no evidence that any particularly sensitive or operational systems were breached.
11. The new force is meant to be operational in the next few months.
12. So, it needs to be taken away from their operational control.
13. One of the biggest challenges is the separation between IT and the operational side of a business.
14. This is evidence of the operational efficiency in the exploration and production sector.
15. That includes customer data collected at busy websites and operational data gathered in the field.
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