[Example Sentences]:
1. A sustained breakout would signal a trend shift, opening the path to next resistance around 117.30.
2. The price at the IPO opening has been estimated by Bloomberg analyst Adam Johnson to be around $21.
3. The stock shot up as much as 4.8% in the opening minutes, but it closed up just 0.6%.
4. The opening price for the cheapest seats was $1,500.
5. The preliminary opening indication is $22.
6. Fitbit shares made their trading debut on June 18, opening at $31 and ending the day at $29.68.
7. There were 1.82 unemployed Americans per job opening, down from 2.62 in November 2013.
8. There is also a small opening at the top for the microphone.
9. Microsoft is doing far more than just opening up its cloud.
10. Some users say they were shocked by the new update before even opening the app.
11. Apple is opening up the sharing feature in iOS to outside developers.
12. That decision left an opening for the Apple workers to pursue their case under California law.
13. China is opening up and they want to be there.
14. Just opening the Facebook app uses more than half a megabyte.
15. So you can see which are being tracked before opening them.

[Antonyms]obstruction, termination, enclosure

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