[Example Sentences]:
1. The biggest drop was for orders from outside the eurozone, which fell 9.9%.
2. An outside opinion often seems to have more weight than that of internal staff.10.
3. No outside aid had reached the old quarter since May 2012.
4. Security outside a Jewish school in Paris in 2015.
5. The company began selling juice outside of California in 1994.
6. The case stems from violence outside the presidential palace in December 2012.
7. Qualcomm says stereo Bluetooth speakers that sit outside the ear canal are coming in early 2014.
8. They had little news of what was going on outside in the rest of Victoria, a city of 62,000.
9. The two started commuting to Aberdeen every week from outside London in 2012.
10. A suicide attack outside a hotel in the southern city of Karachi killed 11 French engineers in 2002.
11. If you are outside the UK, send them to the international number +44 7624 800 100.
12. Thursday because it was designed to be easier for outside developers to build on.

[Antonyms]inside, interior

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