[Definition]: related to authorities such as government, organisation etc

[Example Sentences]:
1. There is no official ship date for the Moto 360.
2. If the official results confirm that, a runoff will be held April 18.
3. The last official set of figures for adoptions in England were released in November 2014.
4. An Afghan official says the death toll in the bombing of a mass protest in Kabul has risen to 61.
5. The official result will be announced July 21 or 22.
6. The official death toll is 97 but rally organisers have put the figure at 128.
7. The official says information is still coming in from the site of the strike.
8. He said he told the official that there was no organization.
9. The official said that the plan was to have the system operational as soon as possible.
10. The official figures are not expected to be available until next year.
11. The official would not say which government made the request.
12. So far there have been no official estimates of the number of users who lost Internet access.
13. A Cuban official said We have not given in an inch.
14. The official would not say how any negotiations would take place.
15. I know of large enterprises with literally thousands of official applications they have to support.

[Antonyms]private, unofficial, unprofessional

[Synonyms]administrative, authoritative, functional © 2020  Terms of Use | Home