[Definition]: in other respects, if not

[Example Sentences]:
1. This allows for some combinations that you would otherwise have a hard time to create manually.
2. This result is not as surprising at it might otherwise appear.
3. The tool is designed to let people find posts that otherwise might get lost in the mix.
4. The design and feature differences between the two watches are otherwise mostly inconsequential.
5. We apologize to our customers who would not have otherwise purchased these parkas.
6. Free testing gives it access to data that would otherwise be unavailable.
7. I might feel otherwise if the Pebble Time watches were a little less expensive.
8. There was also no indication the information had been saved or otherwise disclosed, she said.
9. That was the bottom line, and to suggest otherwise is off base.
10. This is the one black mark on an otherwise solid stylus.
11. All the room held otherwise was a bunch of plastic chairs.
12. Not a very friendly feature for what is otherwise a superior application.
13. When you have a hard drive that otherwise seems beyond repair, this is the utility you want to have.
14. Nor can you otherwise transfer funds from a bank account without a debit card.
15. This preserved sales on orders we would have otherwise missed.

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