[Example Sentences]:
1. It is a good reminder for those shops still running the nearly outdated OS to update soon.
2. On the other hand, many people may still use outdated software on their devices.
3. An earlier version of this article used an outdated brand reference to the Amazon Fire tablet.
4. One of the most frustrating issues faced by GPS users is outdated map data.
5. The current exemption of such deals is an outdated view, according to the commission.
6. Child protection services have been using this outdated technology for far too long.
7. We ve been living under outdated immigration rules from decades ago.
8. The result can be a steady buildup of outdated technology, one layer on top of another.
9. Some scholars argue that the definition of a refugee is outdated and should be re-examined.
10. However, an outdated technology stack can impact your ability to compete and recruit top talent.
11. By the time finance pros get access to the data, it is very likely outdated or worse, incorrect.
12. Legacy support is another reason small businesses stick to outdated Internet Explorer browsers.
13. We ended up with an outdated system.
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