Common adjectives start with letter 'w'

wacky waffle wandering wanting wanton ware warlike warm warmer warring wary washable waste wasteful watchable watchful waterborne waterlogged waterproof watertight watery wavy waxy wayward weak weaker weakly wealthy wearable wearing weary weathered weatherproof webbed wee weekly weeping weightless weighty weird welcome well west westbound westerly western westward wet wetter whacked whacking whimsical white whole wholesale wholesome whopping wicked wide widespread wild wildcat willful willing wily winding windowed windswept windward windy winged winning winter wintry wired wireless wiry wise wishful wispy withdrawn withering witting witty wizard wizened wobbly woebegone wonderful wondrous wonky wont wooded wooden woody woolen woolly workable working worldly worldwide worn worrisome worrying worse worst worth worthless worthwhile worthy woven wraparound wretched wrinkly wrong wrongful wrought wry

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