[Example Sentences]:
1. The only other time the US fell out of the top three was in 1996.
2. It turns out that only five times have they delivered a blow of 30%.
3. The company first started carrying iPhones only since March of 2013.
4. A lot of people still use it, while others have only begun to convert to Windows 7.
5. The system lets families board together after the A group, but only with children up to 4.
6. North Korea is believed to have been working on nuclear weapons only since the 1990s.
7. The Legislature meets only every two years and is not scheduled to do so again until 2019.
8. At that time, a second unit will be delivered for only $1.
9. I doubt it will be only one in 2015.
10. Not only that, but there is going to be another defence review in 2015.
11. In addition, the only previous version from which you can upgrade is Windows 7.
12. The only contractor who made them feel comfortable figured it would take $300,000.
13. Your financial officer will only see that they provided funding and nothing happened.3.
14. The only problem was that New Horizons launched several years earlier, in 2006.
15. That was only the worst drop since March 25.

[Antonyms]among, amongst, together

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