Common Abbreviation's List

  Alternating Current
  Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
  Ante Meridian; before Midday
  Application Programming Interface
  As Soon As Possible
  Automated Teller Machine
  Before Christ
  Basic Input Output System
  Bring Your Own Device
  Compact Disk
  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  Chief Executive Officer
  Chief Financial Officer
  Central Intelligence Agency
  Chief Operating Officer
  Central Processing Unit
  Computed Tomography
  Chief Technology Officer
  District of Columbia
  Do It Yourself
  Department of Motor Vehicles
  Deoxyribonucleic Acid
  Domain Name System
  Department of Energy
  Department of Justice
  Driving Under the Influence
  Digital Video Disk
  Eastern Daylight Time
  Eastern Standard Time
  Eastern Time
  European Union
  Federal Aviation Administration
  Frequently Asked Question
  Federal Bureau of Investigation
  The Federal Communications Commission
  Food and Drug Administration
  Federation Internationale de Football Association
  Frequency Modulation
  Federal Trade Commission
  File Transfer Protocol
  Gross Domestic Product
  Graphics Interchange Format
  General Motors
  Grand Old Party
  Global Positioning System
  Graphics Processing Unit
  Graphical User Interface
  High Definition
  High Definition Multimedia Interface
  High Definition Television
  Human Immunodeficiency Virus
  Human Resource
  Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  International Business Machines
  Internet Explorer
  Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  Instant Message
  International Monetary Fund
  Internet Protocol
  Initial Public Offering
  Individual Retirement Account
  Internal Revenue Service
  Information Technology
  Joint Photographic Experts Group
  Kentucky Fried Cruelty
  Los Angeles
  Liquid Crystal Display
  Light Emitting Diode
  Master of Business Administration
  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
  The National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  National Basketball Association
  National Football League
  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  National Security Agency
  New South Wales
  New York City
  New York Stock Exchange
  New York University
  Original Equipment Manufacturer
  Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
  Operating System
  Personal Computer
  Portable Document Format
  Personal Identification Number
  Post Meridian
  Portable Network Graphics
  Public Relations
  Pacific Time
  Random Access Memory
  Search Engine Optimization
  Subscriber Identity Module
  Short Message Service
  Solid State Drive
  Sport Utility Vehicle
  Trans-Pacific Partnership
  Transportation Security Administration
  University of California
  Unidentified Flying Object
  User Interface
  United Kingdom
  United Nation
  Uniform Resource Locator
  United States of America
  Universal Serial Bus
  Venture Capital
  Very Important Person
  Vice President
  World Health Organization
  Wall Street Journal
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