Common adjectives start with letter 'h'

habitable habitual hackneyed haggard hairless hairpin hairy halcyon halfhearted halt halting handicapped handmade handsome handy hanging haphazard hapless happening happy haptic hard hardy harmful harmless harmonic harmonious harrowing harsh hasty hateful haughty haunted haunting haywire hazardous hazy head headstrong heady healing healthful healthy heartbroken heartfelt heartless hearty heated heavenly heavy hectic hefty hegemonic heinous helical hellish helpful helpless hemorrhagic herbal herculean hereditary hermetic heroic hesitant heterogenous heterosexual heuristic hexadecimal hexagonal hidden hideous hierarchical high higher highest hilarious hilly hind hinder hippie hipster historic historical histrionic hoarse hoary holistic hollow holy home homegrown homeless homely homemade homogeneous homogenous homosexual honest honorable honorary honorific hooked hopeful hopeless hopping horizontal horned horny horrendous horrible horrid horrific horseback hospitable hospitality hostile hotshot hourly house housekeeping howling huge hulking human humane humanitarian humanoid humble humdrum humid humiliating humorous hung hungry hurried hurtful hybrid hydraulic hydro hydrophobic hydrothermal hydrous hyperactive hyperbolic hypersonic hypocritical hypodermic hypothetical hysterical

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