[Definition]: untouched, not used

[Example Sentences]:
1. Apple today quietly stopped selling the original iPad Mini, the 7.9-in.
2. This article has been updated a bunch of times since its original debut in 2011.
3. The original was destroyed in a stable fire in 1887.
4. The original indictment in the matter was filed in April 2014.
5. Speaking of batteries, extra original manufacturer batteries can be purchased for only $10.
6. The original Mac had networking from Day 1.
7. At the register, her original total for 16 items came out to $47.25.
8. Google began its renewable power trek, with an original agreement in 2010.
9. The original Amazon Echo sells for $179.99.
10. It was the same for the original Kindle that came out in 2007 that cost $400.
11. The upcoming iPhones come 10 years after the original iPhone appeared on the market in 2007.
12. Some analysts expect a price drop from its original, explorer price of $1,500.
13. Silk Road 2.0 went live shortly after the original Silk Road was shut down in October 2013.
14. The streaming giant has said it plans to invest at least $6 billion in original content in 2016.

[Antonyms]subsequent, later, derivative

[Synonyms]primitive, new, primary
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