[Example Sentences]:
1. No one was in the home when the roof and outer walls collapsed.
2. This is only the third time ever that Earth has been captured on camera from the outer solar system.
3. The top of the Mac Pro without its outer aluminum casing.
4. Its delivery to orbit and its appearance in outer space will become a new page in space chronicles.
5. The third outer planet probably receives less radiation than Earth does, the researchers said.
6. Many newer phones have upped their design game with a more sophisticated approach outer casing.
7. So a satellite in outer space is the choice if you want to go a really large distance, he said.
8. The front frame piece has a green color inner frame with a black outer frame.
9. The water is driven into the outer part of the drum, where it flows down to a collection tank.
10. It starts with an inner silicone layer, and then you snap on the outer hard shell.
11. The color covers the outer surfaces and the display bezel.
12. It appears to be much smaller than the outer two pyramids, and is not perfectly aligned within them.
13. After a few minutes, I had sliced the outer shell into two halves.
14. It gives the viewer a window onto the elusive outer atmosphere of the Sun the corona.
15. The spray team started to circle the swarm, moving slowly from the outer edge inwards.


[Synonyms]outside, outward, external
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