[Example Sentences]:
1. It is an excellent optical performer and offers a bit more reach than the 35-100 at 150mm.
2. Other World Computing on Friday started selling a 30-meter Thunderbolt 2 optical cable for $899.
3. You then run an optical digital audio cable from the TV to the soundbar.
4. There is a change going on from the optical sense to some other perception capabilities.
5. To use optical cables, the device needs to provide its own power.
6. This provides a two times optical zoom, and a ten times digital zoom.
7. Neither laptop is available with a touch screen but both are available with optional optical drives.
8. It has an optical input as well as Bluetooth streaming capability.
9. Thunderbolt technology is available in both optical and copper cables.
10. Other companies are using optical sensors to search for obstacles.
11. If it does not, buy a lens with optical image stabilization.
12. An optical audio out port on the rear of the device takes care of home theater users.
13. This improvement was achieved without changing the optical characteristics of the eye.
14. Over time, the optical cables and related technologies such as modules will get cheaper.
15. Be skeptical of both numbers but the optical folks appear to have an advantage in longevity.
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