[Example Sentences]:
1. Honda has built most of its vehicles overseas since 1998.
2. Alibaba did not say how much of its total sales came from overseas buyers.
3. It will operate in Japan and there are no plans for overseas expansion at the moment.
4. It makes their products more affordable overseas and gives a boost to their earnings.
5. The overseas results indicated a problem other IT companies face.
6. Many of you may not be planning to travel overseas until next year and maybe not until summer.
7. The budget would spend less money on people overseas and more money on people back home, he said.
8. So China is helping these companies go overseas to help make the adjustment at home less painful.
9. Other Chinese companies have also made overseas acquisitions in luxury retail.
10. The vehicle was being sent overseas to be restored.
11. However, overseas markets for the most part were able to avoid much of the selling.
12. They had been planning a much bigger overseas trip in the fall, this time with their spouses.
13. It is the latest in a series of investments by Chinese firms in overseas oil and gas resources.
14. He simply moved overseas, and has never served a day in prison.

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