[Example Sentences]:
1. It seems like an offshore account at this point would be a lot easier, she said.
2. She said other banks may also be caught up in similar offshore gambling operations.
3. They say they also expect the cost of offshore wind energy to come down in the decade ahead.
4. The IT workers at this firm first learned of the offshore outsourcing threat through rumors.
5. As it happens, there are already offshore casinos that take and pay out in bitcoins.
6. Just as Australian legislation can affect how staff work offshore, so too can foreign legislation.
7. Whether outsourcing firms can use offshore labor depends on the nature of the work.
8. The maneuvers had to be carried out quickly close to several offshore oil rigs.
9. The Obama administration has been a big supporter of offshore wind turbines.
10. The proceeds often wound up in Cyprus or another offshore banking center.
11. Even the sharks that we released in the offshore direction, they started to swim offshore initially.
12. Israel also is wary of allowing vessels from Gaza getting near its offshore oil drilling sites.
13. Some exporters are heading offshore in a bid to cut costs.
14. Claims this work would be sent offshore are completely wrong. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home