[Example Sentences]:
1. That objective was met in early 2015.
2. The objective is to build the best OS ever for an enterprise.
3. What we have is an objective of growth for our shareholders.
4. They can say they succeeded in that objective even if he gets life without parole.
5. The objective is to get the ball rolling as soon as possible.
6. We are committed to doing more to assure we achieve this objective in the future.
7. There is no clear goal or objective in the level.
8. There was no objective set of facts outside the human mind, he insisted.
9. If something happens, I want an objective record of what transpired.
10. We really do try to keep it objective, she said.
11. The consensus among the multiple rebel groups was that Damascus is the next objective, he added.
12. Rather, additional measures will be required for the policy objective of the bill to be supported.
13. This was never our objective, and it still isn’t.
14. Their primary objective is to protect the police command center.
15. In other words, an objective standard of measure for security effectiveness.

[Antonyms]subjective, intrinsic, abstract

[Synonyms]outward, external, extrinsic
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