[Example Sentences]:
1. It will go on outright sale on March 11.
2. An upgraded model will be sold outright for $400.
3. Samsung did not say outright if it would fix the flaw.
4. Not all the stocks of the companies on my list are outright buys right now.
5. Here is a look at women leaders who first rose to power by initially winning outright elections.
6. It said videos uploaded by the public would not be be rejected outright by our target audience.
7. Once the loan is paid off, you own the device outright and you can continue to use it.
8. Now LG is outright demanding the ability to do it.
9. Any government who wants spyware can buy it outright or hire someone to develop it for you.
10. The majority of mobile strategies fall short of expectations, while some outright fail.
11. Not through outright violence, but through the increased threat of violence and force.
12. So far, outright fake news stories have been relatively rare.
13. Rather than die outright, old iPads will become zombies.
14. France, with its controlling traditions, appears to be out front in pushing an outright ban.
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