[Example Sentences]:
1. Google says its new tools could let publishers create offline content.
2. You can also create and edit any of these offline as well by enabling this in settings.
3. A selling point could be analytics that combine both online and offline sales.
4. Netflix is likely covering for the fact that offline viewing would be a licensing nightmare.
5. The ban does not apply to sales taxes and other taxes that have offline analogs.
6. Chromebook knows your concerns about working offline, and has come up with several solutions.
7. Two of the reasons I went with this Android Wear device were GPS for running and offline music.
8. Music can also be saved for offline listening on the road.
9. Law enforcement officers took the site offline the next day.
10. The missile was taken offline and removed from its silo.
11. A second attack pushes the DNS servers of government websites offline for several hours.
12. The access to phone numbers now bridges the offline and online worlds of Facebook users.
13. They genuinely were willing to help until they went offline for a few months.
14. Owners also have access to free offline maps that are designed with familiar functionality.
15. Other routers need to go offline during software updates. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home