Common adjectives start with letter 'i'

ideal identical identifiable idle illegal illegitimate illicit imaginable imaginary immature immediate immense imminent immune impacted impartial impatient imperative imperfect imperial implicit implied important imposing impossible impractical impressive impromptu improper inaccessible inaccurate inactive inadequate inaugural inbound incandescent incapable incessant incident incidental included inclusive incoming incompatible incomplete inconsistent inconvenient incorporate incorporated incorrect incredible incumbent indebted indefinite independent indicative indie indifferent indigenous indirect individual indoor inductive industrial ineffective inefficient ineligible inevitable inexpensive infamous infectious inferior infinite inflatable inflated inflexible influential informal informative informed infrared ingenious inherent initial injured inland inner innocent innocuous innovative innumerable insane insecure inside inspired inspiring instant instinct instrumental insufficient insulting insurgent intact integral integrated intellectual intelligent intended intense intensive intent intentional interactive interested interesting interfering interim interior intermediary intermediate intermittent internal interrupted interstate interstellar intimate intricate intriguing intrinsic introductory intrusive intuitive invalid invaluable invasive inventive invisible inviting involuntary involved inward ironic irony irrational irregular irrelevant irrespective irritating isolated iterative

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