[Example Sentences]:
1. The other includes the camera and a battery mount and sells for $199.99.
2. The only other time the US fell out of the top three was in 1996.
3. The number that every other tech reporter will focus on today is the share for Windows 8.
4. Sprint plans to launch the new service in other parts of the country throughout 2015.
5. Starbucks says it will expand to other major markets across the country in 2015.
6. The other big problem with Apple Watch is its price, which starts at $350.
7. Both features have already been available on other platforms, such as Android and PlayStation 3.
8. That and the other increases in salaries will cost the agency $200,000.
9. The boat was being operated by two other girls, both 16.
10. Compared with other device markets, the tablet market will be relatively quiet in 2017.
11. In other words, Facebook has outperformed Apple by 32.76%.
12. Four bodies had been recovered, and emergency teams were trying to dig out the other 10.
13. He put the number of refugees being cared for on the other side of the border at 30,000.
14. The department had sought comments from eight other federal agencies, which were due May 1.
15. The other case was reported in 2016.

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