[Example Sentences]:
1. On the opposite side of the country was Stanford University with 26.
2. This is yet one more area where we are headed in a totally opposite direction.
3. We end up getting caught between the two opposite ends of the debate.
4. In fact, I believe the show would have the opposite effect.
5. The US is also going in the opposite direction on similar programs like unemployment insurance.
6. I think if you ask most people, they would give the opposite opinion.
7. Facebook and Google are headed in opposite directions to arrive at the same destination.
8. The opposite end is the edge of the network, where sensors and devices run.
9. So the lesson I learned was the responsibility to do the opposite for someone else.
10. This current administration has used this same executive order to do the opposite to delay, he said.
11. The way Safari does things in Yosemite is essentially the opposite of the way I use my Web browser.
12. A brand is like the opposite of a shark.
13. Most died in violence at two main protest sites positioned on opposite sides of the capital.
14. They try to reduce the harvest, which actually has the opposite effect than intended.
15. A security guard said he saw some people sleeping opposite one polling station.

[Antonyms]agreeing, coincident, harmonious

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