[Example Sentences]:
1. You would hold the phone the ordinary way and you would take a selfie.
2. The person said that ordinary people do not want to know that their data is up for grabs.
3. There was nothing out of the ordinary for a business development trip.
4. That could help to give ordinary citizens a say in how cities are built and run.
5. He also praised the response of ordinary people in the area before the emergency services arrived.
6. He sort of talked in a way like ordinary people talk.
7. Howard said it was as quick and easy as ordinary online shopping.
8. Within a year or two, ordinary consumers will be used to seeing wearable devices everywhere.
9. We wanted to see what happens in more ordinary galaxies to tell us if this process is universal.
10. Supporters say it would give ordinary people a voice in a debate dominated by activists.
11. My job is to give voice to the ordinary taxpayer.
12. They no longer understand the needs of ordinary people.
13. We got thousands of submissions, and some of the best stuff just showed ordinary moments.
14. We are simply conducting our ordinary warning and surveillance activity like before.
15. They also think ordinary horse owners will be able to train their horses in this way.

[Antonyms]unusual, special

[Synonyms]normal, usual, common
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