[Example Sentences]:
1. The Nokia won the outdoor test by so much that it seemed unfair.
2. There is also an outdoor space for the children.
3. We chose an outdoor venue because a forecast earlier in the day predicted a dry evening.
4. She also wired her garage for a stereo system that includes outdoor speakers.
5. Did you know you can get an outdoor wok?
6. The Hub is available in indoor and outdoor options in four colors.
7. No line of sight to the FiOS from the outdoor TV was required.
8. The blast ripped through patients and family waiting in an outdoor reception area.
9. The outdoor dining experience is paired with the chance to view the actual stars.
10. Authorities say it took place at an outdoor dining area.
11. Powell still feeds it, but now in an outdoor pen.
12. In the spring and fall, outdoor irrigation is allowed three days per week, also any time of day.
13. For outdoor lovers, Microsoft recently added the ability to find, explore and compare hiking trails.
14. She had some practical outdoor skills.
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