[Example Sentences]:
1. Much of this technology is borrowed from its cousin, the outstanding Panasonic GH4 $1,699.
2. It is not yet clear how much because of outstanding lawsuits and investigations.
3. He had been wanted for threatening to shoot up a high school and had an outstanding warrant.
4. These are just some of the criteria that will help you select outstanding use cases.
5. This will either be paid in cash or customers will have their outstanding debt reduced.
6. This is done by increasing the number of outstanding shares.
7. She was arrested and booked into the county jail for an outstanding warrant.
8. It is imperative that the Surface Phone comes with an outstanding design.
9. There is an outstanding gap between talk and action.
10. Two weeks after the bombing, Sun was arrested in connection to an outstanding traffic violation.
11. Microsoft is offering outstanding power options to Surface Studio customers.
12. I think he is an outstanding nominee.
13. Very few outstanding personalities in the world live to his level, he said.
14. Then, I think of the outstanding image quality of modern digital, and the many advantages.

[Antonyms]collected, appropriated, gathered

[Synonyms]uncollected, undischarged, unappropriated
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