[Example Sentences]:
1. The whole fee will go away at the end of 2026.
2. Last I looked, you have a whole lot of options starting at around $70.
3. The whole package is available for preorder now, at an asking price of $397.
4. The euro area as a whole is expected to grow by 1.9% this year, up from 1.7%.
5. Among Republicans as a whole, the figure was 35%.
6. I never feel like I have to keep up with the whole thing.
7. The whole process was done in a few hours without a single glitch.
8. The whole idea is there are different people who have different requirements.
9. You have to go through this whole process of management change.
10. I just had to get my head around the whole thing.
11. You have to think of this whole process as having two different tracks to it.
12. State media confirmed the military had taken over the whole of the old city.
13. They are the first to have a complete record of their whole lives.
14. The whole idea is to put people at ease when in the store.
15. That being said, it has been a whole year since we have received an update.


[Synonyms]all, total, complete
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