[Example Sentences]:
1. So, I mean, they must have thought I was really weird because no one asks to borrow $50.
2. A deal may look weird to one person but be absolutely wonderful to someone else.
3. This is a weird feature that people will either love or hate.
4. This weird effect has to do with the very nature of positronium.
5. Uber has always sat in a weird place in terms of regulation.
6. The right to be forgotten is a weird brand of censorship.
7. People say it is a weird looking frog, but I find it beautiful.
8. Some girls have said he was weird, kind of a stalking kind of a person.
9. Yahoo is a weird company in a weird place.
10. So, buy the less expensive ones unless your geek has a weird high end brand preference.
11. Plus there are weird musical numbers and a killer piano.
12. It celebrates the weird, the new and the now.
13. In five or 10 years it could be not that weird, just like online dating has become not that weird.
14. They were viewed mostly as paranoid, weird and potentially criminal.
15. Of course, there is some weird stuff.

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