[Example Sentences]:
1. Gross had made efforts in the past to be a warmer boss.
2. The warmer temperature of the crack indicates that ocean water lies not far below the surface.
3. The expected winter lull in fighting has not yet taken place in the warmer southern provinces.
4. This contrasts to previous years when the target has been met during some of the warmer months.
5. A smart milk bottle warmer nearby began to heat milk as soon as the baby started crying.
6. So, if you want to give your screen a warmer or cooler look, you can do just that.
7. Especially thick rubber cases, because batteries charge slower the warmer they get.
8. That storm, in a much warmer world, would happen more frequently.
9. One flash is cooler white, while the other is amber with a warmer color temperature.
10. The arctic air is beginning to retreat, with warmer temperatures on the horizon.
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