[Example Sentences]:
1. After an immediate Skype call and further negotiations, the investor wired Evernote $500,000.
2. It happens to us all at some point of our wired lives.
3. In fact, some of us grew up in houses where phones were wired to the wall.
4. In the new wired world, every few weeks brings another security breach.
5. The firm recommended that users upgrade to a wired keyboard or a Bluetooth device.
6. Our brains were wired to do certain things very well like pattern recognition.
7. In the past, I usually grabbed a wired headset if I needed more volume and clarity.
8. All our galleries are wired, so he does that for us and for the museum.
9. She also wired her garage for a stereo system that includes outdoor speakers.
10. Parents would have money wired from relatives to pay off smugglers or cover other transit costs.
11. With a wired keyboard, kids can connect without any help.
12. Figuring in its traditional wired and wireless phone business, it owns a lot of stuff.
13. The company plans to complete the implementation before ripping out its wired network.
14. Previous rules applied stricter regulations to wired broadband networks than to wireless services.
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