[Definition]: without wire, such as WiFi, wireless phone

[Example Sentences]:
1. The wireless noise reduction Bluetooth headphones are waterproof up to 1-meter.
2. Previously known as Isis, the initiative was formed by wireless carriers in 2010.
3. Lifeline was started in 1985 and expanded to include wireless phones in 2005.
4. These wireless lifestyle headphones will launch in 10 different colors in June 2015 for $100.
5. Wave 2 will bring even greater speeds and wireless ranges, enabling better performance over Wave 1.
6. In a big room the bass is slightly thin unless you add the dedicated wireless subwoofer for $399.
7. The only thing we need now is the wireless power to get us there.
8. I also wanted us to be able to call out from our wireless phone system.
9. Verizon Wireless has not been asked by any government agency to turn down its wireless service.
10. One point that seems clear in both studies is that wireless connectivity is a business requirement.
11. A wireless display will start working as soon as a laptop is within range.
12. The data from the wireless operators and specific mobility products is to be scrubbed.
13. There are some very good deals available now from wireless operators.
14. The company has now moved to an iPad interface that allows wireless access.
15. AT T says it is the first wireless company to test this technology.

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