[Example Sentences]:
1. Brazilian growth has been weak since Rousseff took office in 2011.
2. The East Bay retail sector gained 1,000 jobs, although construction was weak and lost 500.
3. The president ultimately came to view him as weak and ineffective.
4. The company also said the outlook was weak for the next quarter with revenues expected to fall.
5. Karzai and his weak government are dependent on American military might and cash.
6. Sales for the iPad tablet were a major weak point.
7. The weak get to the middle ground only to be trampled.
8. The company was once considered weak on patents, given its market value and reach.
9. Or if they do, they use weak passwords that are easy to crack.
10. I think those that are selling into the tech weakness are weak hands and just taking profits.
11. Trump said that Republicans who have responded in such a way in the past were weak apologists.
12. We can design a lot of technological controls, but the weak link is still the user.
13. The political unrest weighs on the economy, and when the economy is weak you prefer bonds.
14. Some of the work to perform upgrades or fix weak spots in the system will take six months.
15. The patient was too weak to use a cane.

[Antonyms]powerful, strong

[Synonyms]feeble, infirm, sickly
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