[Example Sentences]:
1. You can find a working model online for around $30.
2. North Korea is believed to have been working on nuclear weapons only since the 1990s.
3. In June, an FAA spokesman said the agency is working to have drone regulations in place by mid-2016.
4. He has been working with Network World since 1992.
5. Curiosity has been working on Mars since early August 2012.
6. Hansen added that Dell is currently working on support for Linux which will debut in 2017.
7. Apple has been working hard to bolster its mapping technology since ditching Google Maps in 2012.
8. The number of UK nationals working in the UK increased by 601,000.
9. Ford and Corning began working together on an automotive glass in 2012.
10. He continued working there after getting his degree but left to join Hughes Aircraft in 1956.
11. The silicone straps are designed for working out, and the face is 37mm.
12. It will expire and cease working June 30.
13. Under the settlement, Lyft drivers working six months would get more than $6,000.
14. Average time spent working declined from 3.4 hours to 3.25.
15. He took college classes at age 14 and began working for NASA at 18. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home