[Example Sentences]:
1. So far, they keep my hands warm and using my iPhone has been a breeze.
2. President Park and the police should now offer warm words of consolation.
3. This case not only will warm your heart, it ll also protect your phone.
4. The puzzle remains of how Mars was once warm enough to support liquid water.
5. As long as the weather remains warm and dry, waiting should be no great hardship.
6. For one, my phone got pretty warm over extended periods of time on the charger.
7. That enabled the designers to move people away from the heat and yet maintain a warm work setting.
8. The climate will warm at the same rate, with new regulations pending.
9. Although it was a warm spring day, the streets were nearly empty.
10. You just want your ears to be warm and dry.
11. Having a record of these events can provide a warm glow for years to come.
12. We held it in a very warm atmosphere.
13. If not then I ll just go for super warm winter gloves and a stylus.
14. If it gets too warm the tree needs to freeze again overnight to start the whole process over.
15. Although the general mood will be warm, there could be moments of tension.


[Synonyms]ardent, zealous, fervent
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