[Example Sentences]:
1. We got it wrong and we ran out of addresses in 2011.
2. We have to see what went wrong so we can improve for the future.
3. This option is for people who want to play through to where they made the wrong choice.
4. Things can go wrong very wrong and you can end up in a world of hurt.
5. The news was reported in the wrong way and has reached a worldwide audience.
6. I used to go to bed thinking about everything that went wrong that day.
7. I think everything is being gone about in the wrong way.
8. We were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
9. The pain of getting it wrong in this environment would be very long-lasting.
10. Samsung has argued that Apple targeted the wrong company with its legal grievances.
11. What could possibly go wrong with an app that lets you review people?
12. There is nothing wrong with choosing an Android phone if you think that works better for you.
13. In the next life, we will all correct the things we got wrong in this one.
14. I would love to be wrong on this one, but so far feel underwhelmed.
15. If you do the wrong one, you can end up on the wrong page.

[Antonyms]right, correct

[Synonyms]injurious, unjust, faulty
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