[Example Sentences]:
1. Hamas is far weaker than in 2012.
2. The best thing the ECB can try to engineer is still a weaker euro.
3. Manufacturers may also have pulled back in the face of weaker growth overseas.
4. Perhaps workers believed that Nissan sales would increase because of a weaker pound.
5. This makes people worry especially if financials earnings are coming in weaker than expected.
6. It is making more SUVs and other light trucks than cars because trucks have weaker standards.
7. However, the weaker yen means it is more costly to import fuel.
8. Britain has a trade deficit, so a weaker pound is on balance negative.
9. He was very physically strong but his breathing became weaker and weaker, she added.
10. Not all VPN services are the same, though, and some may be weaker than others.
11. A weaker yen helps make Japanese exports more competitive.
12. For example, the pull will be a bit stronger over a mountain, and slightly weaker over a canyon.
13. A drop in output prices reflected weaker demand.
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