[Example Sentences]:
1. The operator went on to expand LTE to the most popular winter sports resorts by early 2012.
2. The county started out the winter with 600 tons, and last winter used only 50.
3. There are already plans being made for how to house them during the cold winter months.
4. A winter storm warning will go into effect late Monday night for most the region.
5. That will lead to less demand for heat as the winter comes to a close.
6. If we get a very cold winter, we re going to need more production.
7. City officials were careful not to cast the weekend as a winter wonderland.
8. Not to mention we just faced the worst winter in a long time.
9. Almost the entire state is under a winter weather advisory through Sunday morning.
10. If not then I ll just go for super warm winter gloves and a stylus.
11. We can tell a really interesting story about winter climate itself.
12. Friday as a major winter storm heads toward the city.
13. The winter freeze was less destructive to hiring than had been assumed.
14. Part of the problem appears to be too many winter snacks from stable attendants.
15. Over the winter, it launched two larger tablets under the Surface brand.

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