[Example Sentences]:
1. The goal is to develop a mobile game worthy of the app store.
2. It is going to be a fight for Apple and a worthy fight, he added.
3. There are certainly plenty of people worthy of market disruption at Apple today.
4. To be approved for an apartment, you have to show you re a worthy tenant.
5. So he assumed this might be fun and therefore worthy of filming?
6. He said on short flights, the meal is just an add on and not really worthy of a major concern.
7. He schools us in three domains worthy of close study.
8. Leadership in space exploration is a goal worthy of a great nation.
9. Is it a First Family camping trip worthy of its own reality TV show?
10. They deserve a justice system worthy of their service.
11. Obviously their history made them worthy of documenting years after their useful life had ended.
12. Consider it a worthy option, given how expensive its competitors are.
13. These days, he boasts an array of equipment worthy of a pharmaceutical lab.
14. To receive it with gratitude and prove ourselves worthy of this gift.
15. There are two final points worthy of note.

[Antonyms]worthless, valueless, ignoble

[Synonyms]valuable, deserving, estimable
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