[Example Sentences]:
1. The other big wild card here is what the hardware itself will cost.
2. The next several months leading up to this holiday will make for a wild ride.
3. The wild card could be whether the company can reach the right deals with publishers and labels.
4. That could be a wild card for her as she fights for her political life.
5. One wild card for the year ahead will be advertising.
6. The other huge wild card here is the privacy implications.
7. Residents have a new view of the wild beauty they ve always admired.
8. How it feels in the wild and modify as we learn more.
9. Should it ever be in wild birds, there is a possibility it may be in species other than waterfowl.
10. The capture of wild elephants for domestic use has become a threat to wild populations.
11. This is mainly due to the difficulty in detecting and catching them on the wild desert cliffs.
12. Crime did not rise up despite the wild predictions about the city would burn.
13. Weber said at the time the suit was pushing a wild conspiracy theory.
14. It appears as if the wild jellyfish supply simply cannot cope with the demand.
15. What we want to know now is could this occur in the wild and, if so, how often does it?


[Synonyms]untamed, uncultivated, undomesticated
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