[Example Sentences]:
1. The wooden box was discovered there in 2012.
2. The researchers said only traces remain of the wooden chest that once held the tools.
3. After they were done beating me with wooden sticks, they took the cigarettes.
4. The structure in Maine also has four modules on the end that are covered by wooden sheets.
5. The car veered to the right and hit a series of wooden stakes on the side of the road.
6. Once inside a home, the model was handcuffed to a wooden chest of drawers.
7. The model suggested that the clocks could make the wooden board vibrate.
8. A large area of the side was missing, again with wooden beams and insulation exposed.
9. They also installed new wooden framed windows that prevent water infiltration.
10. Before, the restaurant was using old wooden cabinets that had been converted into charging stations.
11. The body had apparently been placed within a wooden coffin inside a limestone vault.
12. The researchers also found about 150 wooden tools that would have been used to dig out the plants.
13. The scientists placed both clocks on the same wooden table.
14. The sheet metal ignited a wooden border and nearby grass and then spread.
15. Another is a large wooden boat which may be carrying as many as 300 people.
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