[Definition]: can be worn, suitable to wear

[Example Sentences]:
1. Thus, Fitbit is expected to remain the shipment leader in the global wearable device market in 2016.
2. We created first wearable in 1977.
3. At CES, there will be 33 exhibitors showing off wearable technology, nearly triple the 12 in 2015.
4. Fossil also said it will introduce more than 100 wearable products in 2016.
5. We understood what was happening with wearable technology and what was going on with biometrics.
6. What kind of role Beats has inside a future Apple wearable is also something to watch.
7. Samsung wants to avoid the same thing happening in the market for wearable technology.
8. When the internet of things works better than a wearable device.
9. For Samsung, a wearable computer is not out of the blue.
10. One thing that may change this year is if Apple introduces a smart wearable line.
11. The company has made big bets on everything from smartphones to wearable devices to driverless cars.
12. The company has made big bets in everything from smartphones to wearable devices to driverless cars.
13. In the coming years, wearable computing devices will play a more crucial role in our lives.
14. Within a year or two, ordinary consumers will be used to seeing wearable devices everywhere.
15. He does not believe that wearable technology will fully replace established mobile devices, however.

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