[Example Sentences]:
1. The wise would see that threatening to attack another country is precisely all about poker.
2. For investors, it would be wise not to get caught up in the forecasts and hype.
3. In some cases it might be wise to force or at least advise all users to change their passwords.
4. However, it would be wise for the company to take the path for several reasons.
5. For example, was it wise to decide government would own and operate its satellites?
6. He is a wise man and loyal to the country.
7. As a wise person once said, the house always wins.
8. If your AirPort Express is on a network accessible by other people, a password is a wise idea.
9. Both sides are wise to work together, he said.
10. Some are wise, some less so, while others are just asking for pain to knock upon your door.
11. That turned out to be wise, he said.
12. Police chiefs are wise people, with considerable political skills.


[Synonyms]knowing, erudite, wary
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