[Example Sentences]:
1. The number of deaths from the recent Ebola outbreak in west Africa has soared above 1,000.
2. The accident occurred about a mile west of the town, which has a population of about 2,500.
3. North is at the bottom making west on the right in this image.
4. Those planes continue to strike to the west of the city.
5. It thinks that the west no longer wants to confront it apart from its recent past.
6. Four male suspects were last seen running west on Brazil away from the June Jordan campus.
7. The separatists also announced their intention to keep pushing west toward a major port city.
8. We looked straight west of us and there it was.
9. The heat will stay west and there will be no great break in heat anytime soon.
10. On the west side, that same bomb would take down eight buildings.
11. The fire remained wrapped around the west and southern edges of the city.
12. The west bank has many narrow streets, making it difficult for tanks and artillery to operate.
13. Passengers were moved to the west side of the terminal as a precaution.
14. Military radar picked up the jet just under an hour later well west of its intended flight path.
15. The evidence farther west was to the contrary.

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