[Definition]: from the west

[Example Sentences]:
1. High technology is no longer the sole domain of the United States and other western countries.
2. The militants have lost significant territory in northern and western Iraq in the last year.
3. China already is shifting new power generation from eastern cities to western provinces.
4. He declined to say which western targets were being surveyed.
5. The shelling in western Mosul has been much more intense than in the east.
6. The secret to solving the mystery may lie more in the western desert itself.
7. It will help the smog on the coast and move the pollution to western provinces.
8. They restarted their offensive for the western bank more than three weeks later.
9. The entire western part of the state is in danger of losing access to safe, legal abortion care.
10. Four different groups are testing driverless cars in a western Singapore district.
11. The homes of six other suspected accomplices in western Germany were also raided.
12. Five people were killed Monday in a stabbing rampage in a small town in western Japan, police said.
13. Her body was dumped along railroad tracks near the western edge of the city.
14. The western route is still being planned.
15. The Koreas exchanged artillery fire twice earlier this year near the western sea boundary.

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